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Bottled Water Business Plan Executive Summary

The executive summary for your Bottled Water Business should be written last. It should include the main people involved in your Bottled Water Business and their experience related to the Bottled Water Business. There should be a brief description of what the Bottled Water Business entails. Your Bottled Water Business should include some brief financial statements such as loans you will require and profit/loss statements for the first 3 years.


The should be your short term and long term objectives for your Bottled Water Business.


What is the main mission for your Bottled Water Business.

Keys to Success

A few bullet points to briefly describe why your Bottled Water Business will be a success.

Company Summary

Company Ownership

Who owns your Bottled Water Business and what type of business will it be – will you be an LLC etc.

Location(s) and Facilities

Address of your business if possible or a rough idea of the surroundings and the benefits this location will be for your Bottled Water Business.

Start-up Summary for a Bottled Water Business

Provide basic details of the capital you require for your Bottled Water Business and how you intend to acquire that capital if you don’t have it already.

Start-up Expenses for a Bottled Water Business

This should be a list of all your start up capital required before you start trading as well as the amount if any you will be needing to loan.

Products / Services

Product Description

Describe all the products you will sell and give an indication of future products you will sell and the reasons why these will be sold in the future and not now.

Service Descriptions

Describe all the services you will provide and give an indication of future services you will provide and the reasons why these will be provided in the future and not now.

Market Analysis Summary for a Bottled Water Business

Market Segmentation

Give the details of who your target market will be for the Bottled Water Business.

Target Market Segment Strategy

Explain how your marketing will get new and existing clients to buy from you.

Market Trends

Explain how in general the direction the Bottled Water Business is taking. Is it up or down and what are the reasons for this and can you cater for the existing and new trends.

Service Business Analysis

Explain how the Bottled Water Business is run in a nutshell.

Main Competitors

Who are the main competitors for your Bottled Water Business. Try to explain their strengths and weaknesses.

Strategy and Implementation Summary for a Bottled Water Business

Marketing Strategy

How will you market your Bottled Water Business.

Pricing Strategy

What are your prices and the reasons for your prices.

Promotion Strategy

Are you planning a grand opening with special discounts on your opening night? Do you need to give special offers to attract new and existing customers to your Bottled Water Business once you are established.

Competitive Edge

Explain why customers will come to your Bottled Water Business as compared to someone elses.

Web Strategy

The web is becoming ever more important for any business. How exactly are you going to use this medium in your Bottled Water Business strategy.

Sales Strategy

How are you going to generate more sales for your Bottled Water Business.

Strategic Alliances

What other companies can you work with to help your Bottled Water Business.

Management Summary

Management Team

Who are the main people involved in your Bottled Water Business.

Organizational Structure

Which people are in charge of which departments in your Bottled Water Business.

Personnel Plan

List all the people involved or you will require to run your business smoothly with salaries or share options.

Strategic Direction

SWOT Analysis

This is a summary of the business's most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Strengths of the Business

Excellent quality product
"Which means that" Adds to reputation.

Good management skills.
"Which means that" Well run business

Good ability to extract information.
"Which means that" Can control the business.-

Weaknesses of the Business

New Player
"Which means that" Credibility problem may affect initial sales

Lack of systems
"Which means that" The company needs to develop systemised operational & sales techniques or sacrifice profits

Opportunities in the Marketplace

Add-on products such as **
"Which means that" A potentially enormous market for the Bottled Water Business to tap into.

Growing market segments.
"Which means that" our Bottled Water Business should target these segments.

Threats in the Marketplace

Increasing supplier prices.
"Which means that" Resulting in reduced profitability.

Declining size of the ** segment.
"Which means that" Need to focus on growing segments to spread the company's portfolio

New Products

To evaluate and launch new products or services which will turn over $xxxxxx in the first year.

Other Objectives (Goals)

To not exceed a marketing budget of $xxxxxx
To not exceed a payroll budget of $xxxxx
To not exceed a general overhead budget of $xxxxxx

Marketing Plan for a Bottled Water Business

Marketing Objectives

Sales Objective                                  

To achieve sales by XX% to $XXX

Sales Objectives by Market Segment

#1 Segment:                                        To achieve sales to $xxxxxx
#2 Segment:                                        To achieve sales to $xxxxxx
#3 Segment:                                        To achieve sales to $xxxxxx
Other                                                   To achieve sales to $xxx

Promotional Strategies


Develop a corporate brochure.
Month 20XX

Develop personalised business cards.
Month 20XX

Create Basic Website as a tool to promote services
Month 20XX

Advertise in local publications
Month 20XX

Advertise monthly in magazines that are specifically targeted to the ** and ** segments.
Month 20XX

Advertise monthly in magazines that are aimed at the general industry.
Month 20XX

Lead Generation Program

Conduct monthly on-going lead generation program. Send out monthly direct mail leaflets with response coupons.
Month 20XX

"Centres Of Influence" Program

Personally contact at least ten potential partners each week.
Produce a monthly newsletter that shows examples of (your products) and how customers have benefited from using them.
Month 20XX

PR Program

PR release to be initiated each month to various trade journals and magazines.
Month 20XX

Sales Force

Employ telemarketing staff.
Month 20XX

Organise training program to be implemented.
Month 20XX

Lost Customers

Contact monthly all past customers that have not re-ordered to ask why not and see whether we can win back their business.
Month 20XX

Follow up Enquiries

Contact all enquirers monthly and determine if they have purchased from a competitor and, if so, why.
Month 20XX

Existing Customers

Follow up all new customers two weeks after they purchase to ensure they are satisfied with the product.
Month 20XX

Send quarterly newsletter to existing customers to keep them informed of our other products.
Month 20XX

Sales Promotion

Develop an ongoing sales promotion to target existing customers.
Month 20XX

General Marketing Strategies for a Bottled Water Business

Competitor Profile

Keep updated competitor profile.
Month 20XX

Marketing information system           

Document on every enquiry "How did you hear about us?"
Month 20XX

Document on every order "How did you hear about us?"
Month 20XX

Produce monthly sales reports by product, by market segment, and by territory.
Month 20XX

Financial Strategies for a Bottled Water Business

Cash Flow

Eliminate cash shortage in the traditional tight periods of <month A> to <month B>
Month 20XX

Payment Days

Maintain payment of bills, on average, to xx days.
Month 20XX


Develop and implement new policies on approval and signatories on expenses.
Month 20XX


Pay off the existing lease on capital equipment, thus reducing the monthly financial burden.
Month 20XX


Reduce the overdraft from $xxxxxx to $xxxxxxx
Month 20XX


Pay all wages on a monthly basis instead of weekly.
Month 20XX

New Equipment

Organise funding for the $xxxxxxx expenditure on new equipment.
Month 20XX


Ensure a payback on new equipment through sales of one year.
Month 20XX


Improve the number of stock turns to xxxxx a year.
Month 20XX


Negotiate new terms on the premises and reduce existing payments by xx%
Month 20XX

Bank Charges

Renegotiate with the bank and consolidate some outstanding loans with lower interest rates.
Month 20XX

Organisational Plan

Organisational and Management

Next Year's Objectives

Budget - To not exceed the payroll budget of $xxxxxxx
Staff - To employ or re-deploy a total of xxxxx full-time and part-time staff over the next year.



Draw organisational chart.
Month 20XX

Develop incentive scheme related to job requirements.
Month 20XX

Policies and procedures

Develop policies and procedures manual.
Month 20XX

Employ or re-deploy staff

Employ one specialist ** salesperson.
Month 20XX

Employ one marketing assistant.
Month 20XX

Employ one accounts receivable person.
Month 20XX


Carry out training needs analysis.
Month 20XX


Install suggestion box.
Month 20XX

Organise monthly meetings to follow up tasks
Month 20XX


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